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You Will Be A Lion In Your Own Cause

Diary of a Riot Girl

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About Me


I’m a 24 year old almost graduate from Indiana University. My major is in Non-Profit Management which is really just a way for me to justify having a job that I might actually get enjoyment out of. I was born in a small town in Southern Indiana and now live in a city in central Indiana where I graduate high school from. There are few places I would leave Bloomington for. My parents are still together and I have a younger sister who rolls in drama. I post a lot about her and her crazy life because if someone didn’t get a kick out of the sitcom that is my sister I might go crazy. My boss calls me an oddity and I’d have to agree with her 100%. I seem to never cease to amaze people at my geeky hick-ness and I’m one of a kind. I'm currently employed as a teller at a local bank here in town as well as a part time assistant manager at a retail store at the local mall for a bit longer until I'm comfortable in my new teller position.

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Fanatic doesn’t describe me

I fangirl a lot of things it’s true. Below you’ll find a few of my ultimate fandoms. They pretty much describe who I am and what you can expect of my journal.


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Star Wars

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Harry Potter

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net


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Official NaNoWriMo 2007 Participant


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Loves of my humble life

Due to my lack of any sort of normal love life I adore many out of my reach. Enjoy some hot eye candy and don’t say my profile was worthless. Save the best for last right?

Johnny Depp

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Carl Edwards

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And those that don't merit photos really because I don't want to totally take up to much space are listed as follows:
-Jason Isaacs
-Alan Rickman
-Hayden Christensen
-Jonathan Rhys Meyers
-Ewan McGreggor
-Steven Tyler
-Gary Oldman
-Jared Padalecki
-Jensen Ackles

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